About Prince William County Economic Development

As the second-largest county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Prince William County is a community of choice with a strong, diverse economic base, where individuals and families choose to live, work and play and businesses choose to locate.

Offering unmatched access to Northern Virginia’s 1.5 million workers and unparalleled quality of place, Prince William County provides businesses fast access to top U.S. markets, a diverse workforce, and the world.

While the County’s growth is owed in part to its strategic location it has excellent competitive advantages such as a ready supply of skilled, young professionals; affordable and available land; and competitive labor costs, all of which result in a strong value proposition within the Greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The Prince William County Department of Economic Development’s mission is “to improve the County’s economic base by encouraging new businesses to locate in Prince William County, retain existing businesses and encourage existing businesses to expand.”  The Department works hard to create a pro-business, globally-competitive environment that generates new, high-quality, and sustainable job opportunities for our citizens and engages in a broad portfolio of services, partnerships, and strategic alliances to benefit the business community and stimulate the economy.

In the last five calendar years [2014-2018], the projects closed by the Department alone intend to invest a record of nearly $4 billion and create approximately 3,100 new jobs. In addition, the County opened doors to the new Prince William Science Accelerator, the only public-private commercially available wet lab spaces in Northern Virginia, and the Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI), the only one of its kind on the East Coast in the George Mason University Science & Technology Campus in Prince William County.


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