Prince William County takes you beyond your expectations. Our economic resilience is rooted in the diversity of our economy and ingenuity of our workforce. Here, dreamers become doers.


Due to its strategic location, Prince William County is close enough to the nation’s capital to offer easy access to the federal assets based there but just far enough away to offer a superior, less congested value proposition for both businesses and residents alike.


Known for its stable and friendly business environment, Prince William County prides itself on a “can-do” approach and works collaboratively with our businesses to find solutions. The County’s strong business proposition is supported by its skilled workforce, competitive real estate options, and lower operating costs relative to comparable regions.


Prince William County is home to over 40,000 military veterans many of whom (70%) are still actively engaged in the workforce. Our military veteran population presents an intrinsic workforce advantage as many of them exited the military with highly sought-after skills across a wide range of industries and sectors including defense, information technology, cybersecurity, supply & logistics.