Prince William County Government received a AAA bond rating for the 11th consecutive year and is one of only 49 counties nationwide to hold the highest rating from the three major bond credit rating agencies, including Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors Service, and S&P Global Ratings.

"This rating recognizes the stewardship that has allowed us to diversify our tax base while embracing and elevating our highly educated workforce," said Christina Winn, Prince William County Department of Economic Development Executive Director. "Affirming our county’s AAA bond rating remains an essential tool in our department’s ongoing work to attract and retain businesses.”  

All three ratings agencies noted the vital role played by the Principles of Sound Financial Management that has guided Board decisions since 1988. The principles underscore the importance of maintaining sound reserve levels, a thoughtful planning and budgeting process, and taking measures to ensure resilience. 

“The Board of County Supervisors’ continuous focus on making smart and strategic investments in the county, while providing the necessary services to foster a diverse and thriving community, is recognized as Prince William achieves three affirmations of its AAA credit rating,"said Ann B. Wheeler, Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chair At-Large. “I’m pleased the rating analysts acknowledge the county’s important progress made in attracting new businesses, diversifying our tax base, and strengthening our financial condition."

Since 2011, the county has achieved this status marking it as a fiscally responsible and sound local government.

"The county’s superior bond ratings and outstanding credit underscore the county’s ability to pay its debts and assures the taxpayers the county is securing the lowest possible interest when repaying bonds sold by the county,” said Michelle Attreed, the county’s Chief Financial Officer. “The AAA is a testament to the fiscal policies of the governing body and the prudent fiscal management by county leadership."

Read the full press release from Prince William County Government.   

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