DIRAK, a global leader in enclosure construction components, has made significant strides in the industry by prioritizing innovation and staying true to its core values. Established in Germany and with a thriving United States facility in Virginia for nearly 30 years, DIRAK owns a vast catalog of patented items in latching, hinging, and fastening technology.

Founder Dieter Ramsauer’s early experiences playing around scrap piles in post-World War II Germany instilled in him a deep understanding of how things work. At the age of six, he crafted a bicycle from found parts, foreshadowing his future as a creator and innovator.

Despite Ramsauer's passing in 2021, his visionary leadership lives on through DIRAK. With more than 600 employees and production facilities worldwide, the company continues to uphold the values that define its culture, fostering an atmosphere of togetherness and solidarity. 

Expanding Horizons at Innovation Park

In 2022, DIRAK relocated its operations to Prince William County, seizing the opportunity to move into a larger mixed-use space at Innovation Park in Manassas. The move allowed them to double their space, accommodating both their expanding product line and a dedicated team of 23 employees.

At the helm of DIRAK's North America division is Gregory Breads, a seasoned professional with 14 years of experience within the company. From starting as a product engineer to eventually becoming the U.S. CEO, Breads sheds light on the often-unnoticed impact of DIRAK's products in our daily lives.

"From electronic locks securing traffic light control boxes to the hardware enabling seamless server maintenance, DIRAK's influence is pervasive,” says Breads. “We design solutions for the everyday, from office building access systems to protective gasketing for electric vehicle charging stations."

DIRAK's commitment to innovation is evident in their DIRAK Snap Technology (DST). This modular approach not only streamlines assembly, reducing total costs of ownership but also allows for thousands of combinations based on a standard panel cutout.

"Our focus is on the customer's requirements; we configure or design custom solutions to meet their needs,” says Breads.

Key Pillars of DIRAK's Success

Emblazoned on the entrance wall of their office in Innovation Park, DIRAK's core values guide every aspect of their operation:

  • Pioneering: Celebrating new ideas and continuous improvement.
  • Precise: Getting the details right for optimal service.
  • Personal: Embracing individual qualities within the team.
  • Teamwork: Collective responsibility for organizational success.
  • Accountability: Taking pride in actions and results.

Breads underscores their purpose: "To provide peace of mind." Whether involved early in a customer's creation process or joining later to address critical needs, DIRAK thrives on collaboration.

"Quality isn't just a word at DIRAK; it's a holistic approach embedded in every aspect of our work"


Located at 9555 Discovery Blvd, Suite 175, Manassas, Virginia
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