When a company realizes that it has a problem or decides to expand with a new program, leaders can often struggle with how to initiate and effect change. With more than 20 years of experience, Janelle E. Taylor has built JTOA Corporation to address that moment of scalable growth.

With a transformational process, Taylor puts her commercial and government customers at the center of development solutions.

"Our passion is helping organizations build smart strategies that work uniquely for their people, performance, and products,” says CEO Taylor. “Our mission as a service provider is to make change easier, smarter, and sustainable with our trademarked process: Conceptualized, Leveraged, Equitable, Accountable, and Regulated (C.L.E.A.R.™) transformations."

By bringing JTOA into the organization to listen at all levels, Taylor's team brings non-traditional applications and agile best practices to identify and empower their client’s workforce and help them use the power of inclusive, diverse collaboration to obtain early buy-in and to address the concerns of a change-resistant work culture.

Taylor’s experience as a government buyer and seller and a portfolio manager across multiple organizations, including the U. S. Department of Labor, helps her lead her team to better close the gaps that exist within an organization or a department. She says that enhancing communication to get key players to reach across the table, even if it’s a small change, can yield big results.

"We talk to everyone in the organization because different people at all levels can have their fingers on the pulse, particularly where output is concerned," says Taylor. "There are so many rising stars and unsung, top-level performers in organizations, many who will one day be managers. Our approach is effective because it validates every employee with a seat at the table."

Taylor says that one challenge she sees often is that the current leadership needs to consider succession plans, especially upon retirement of experienced leaders. Organizations need to pass down the sustainable evolution of the company.

"Our process is a 360-degree—bottom-up and top-down—collaboration from start to finish as a key performance indicator, because people in an organization may perceive one component as the problem in contrast to what the deficiency actually is," says Taylor.

Listening on the Local Level

Headquartered in Haymarket, VA, JTOA Corporation is a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB). After attending an outdoor networking event in 2020, Taylor got more involved in the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, and she now has a seat on the Government Council on Contracting.

"There are more government contractors in Prince William County than people realize,” says Taylor. “In the government contracting profession, state and local government opportunities are just as valuable as those in the federal government. As a corporate member [of the Chamber], we can share our platform with other small businesses and organizations while hosting sessions. This is such a great opportunity to give back."

While working with the Chamber, she connected with the Haymarket Food Pantry. She connected that to her work as a Girl Scout troop leader, she empowering her troop to visit the Haymarket Food Pantry and collectively donate 118 pounds of food.

"Not unlike my work listening to clients, I’ve found the impact of our business community will always have a domino effect either economically or developmentally on our society because they are undoubtedly connected," says Taylor. "It is essential to prioritize the balance and investment of resources that we give to each."



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