Today is the first day of 2024's National Small Business Week and the kickoff of our annual Business Appreciation Month, featuring our fan favorite Make Your Mark theme.

This year the Prince William County Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDT) partnered with WTOP News to spotlight the stories of entrepreneurs who have not only thrived, but also contributed significantly to their communities, thanks in part to the support and resources provided by Prince William County's economic development initiatives. 

From passionate chefs and to pioneers in technology, each story highlights the resilience, creativity, and community spirit that define Prince William County’s entrepreneurial landscape. Their journeys serve as a testament to a supportive ecosystem, where businesses of all sizes and industries can thrive. 

Meet these businesses and many others at the Make Your Mark Business Celebration on May 16! 

This campaign not only celebrates the achievements of these local businesses but also hopes to inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams in Prince William County, where opportunity meets innovation.

Listen to the 12 remarkable businesses featured in our Make Your Mark WTOP radio campaign, running from April 15 to June 10: 


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