After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a criminal justice/pre-law major, Keasha Hall found herself in an unexpected role. Hired by a sign manufacturer, her first major project was the installation of a pylon at Potomac Mills, visible to thousands of travelers every day along Interstate 95.

Little did she know that this endeavor would mark a turning point, steering her away from the path of law school and into community development. 



As both a resident and employee of Prince William County for more than a decade, Keasha now works as Redevelopment Business Manager for Prince William County's Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

She derives immense satisfaction from contributing to the development process. Witnessing the transformation of spaces and recognizing the impact she had on them brings a profound sense of accomplishment. 

"We're on the map now, and no longer do we have to explain what our county has to offer. It's more so: where would you like to go?"

Among the most anticipated developments on the horizon are three new vibrant town centers – a pioneering initiative in Prince William County. The promise of multi-story buildings, unique retailers, and innovative design and product offerings set the stage for an exciting future. The next few years are poised to be a testament to the transformative power of community development.

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