Prince William County’s Department of Information Technology recently launched Digital Prince William, a program designed to improve technology literacy across the County by addressing all impediments that might exist for residents and businesses.

“Digital Prince William addresses one of three goals of the County’s Technology Inclusion Initiative which aims to expand technology literacy among County residents and businesses and deliver affordable, universal broadband access County-wide,” said Rob Mancini, Director of the Department of Information Technology and CIO for Prince William County. “This program will help unserved and underserved County residents and businesses build the technology skills needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

The pilot project for Digital Prince William will kick off on November 13, 2021 and is targeted to older adult County residents who want to increase their knowledge and proficiency with the technologies they use most. Free smartphone classes are now open for registration. These are in-person, beginner-level courses designed to help older adults understand and develop proficiency using some of the key features and functions of their smartphones safely and securely. While these classes are targeted to older adult County residents, future classes will be developed as funding becomes available to reach other unserved or underserved County residents and businesses.

“Many County residents who take advantage of our senior center programs have smartphones, but a limited understanding of how to get the most out of them while staying safe, secure, and protecting their privacy,” said Sarah Henry, Director of the Area Agency on Aging. “These free classes will provide valuable skills and confidence to our older residents on how to leverage technology to enhance their everyday lives.”

Digital Prince William is a partnership led by Prince William County’s Department of Information Technology. Other agency partners include Prince William Area Agency on Aging, the Office of Communication, the Department of Economic Development, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, and Prince William Public Libraries. These partners will play a critical role in shaping the program and reaching residents and businesses that can benefit most. Digital Prince William anticipates developing future partnerships with non-profit organizations, the business community, technology companies, and others to scale the program.

To learn more about Digital Prince William, register for a free class and more, visit or call (703) 792-8640 (TTY: 711).

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