After moving to the United States with his parents from Poland when he was 18 years old, Bart Slowik started his first privacy-tech company at age 22 from his San Francisco State University college bedroom. He learned a lot about what companies need to succeed, and he took that knowledge to build more ventures while focusing on cybersecurity.  

“I’ve always been drawn to being an entrepreneur, and after conducting research and analysis, we established SylLab Systems in October 2019, focused on embedded compliance for enterprise data security,” said Slowik. 

“Consumers and regulators are demanding greater protection and privacy of their data from security enterprises. Our concept with SylLabs is that consumers will gain control over their data, and the idea of a massive data breach will become outdated.” 

As government agencies, banks, and large corporations struggle with cyber-attacks daily, that threat will likely increase due to the increased capabilities of quantum computers, machines that use the properties of quantum physics to store data and perform computations.  

According to MIT Technology Review, “[i]t’s possible that in a little more than a decade—and perhaps even sooner—these machines could be a threat to widely used cryptography methods. That’s why researchers and security firms are racing to develop new approaches to cryptography that will be able to withstand future quantum attacks mounted by hackers."  

Headquartered in Regus at Manassas, SylLab Systems acknowledges that threat, but strives to “look post-quantum” to provide a service for companies with privacy and security embedded in their systems that consumers use every day. By changing the economics of a data breach, Slowik wants to make it unfeasible for attackers.  

They currently work with mid- to large-sized companies, particularly those in the telemedicine and insurance markets, to provide security and privacy. They offer a way to back up information and storage, including one-click security and one-click compliance.  

SylLab Systems is venture-backed by the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), and the company is a Mach37 Fall 19′ Alumni. Their involvement with CIT led them to the PWCDED IGNITE grant program. 

SylLab Systems was one of the first winners in the IGNITE program, a non-dilutive grant program offered by Prince William County Department of Economic Development with a $25K cash grant for early-stage companies and $50K for companies with funding.

“We launched only six months before COVID-19 hit, so it has been a challenging time,” admits Slowik. “Our initial marketing plan was quite traditional. With the realities of COVID-19, we had to pivot several times, but now things are really looking up. With the Prince William County grant, we are bringing on new businesses and getting the word out about our product lines.” 

They provide several tools at a low cost, and their new research and development efforts include offering a plugin for WordPress websites, so they can offer security and privacy solutions to small businesses. 

In June 2021, SylLab expanded its product range in Enterprise Compliance Automation. By partnering with Privacy Run, they are providing a compliance solution with a proven track record with large enterprises and dynamic zero-code deployment and helping customers with on-prem data mapping, data rights requests, and incident response automation. 

The next step includes growing the team. Slowik is looking ahead to contracting with prime and subcontractors for the federal government—and accessing the talent pool for cybersecurity right here in Northern Virginia 

“We provide the technology itself, and we need to build an excellent tech team and expand our sales team as well,” said Slowik. “We hope to become part of the Prince William County community by providing a platform that benefits the businesses here. We want to take security to the next level and investigate the future of what’s coming. We want to change the landscape of how we think about security.”

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Located at 10432 Balls Ford Rd #300, Manassas, VA 20109 

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