Virginia is the Birthplace of American Spirits and Prince William County’s own creator of “the good stuff”, MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, has added to their menu during COVID-19.

While continuing to provide their award-winning spirits to the public, they quickly moved to produce and provide the region with critically needed sanitizer.

When called upon by Prince William County Emergency Services to help with hand sanitizer, MurLarkey Distillery did a quick pivot; they made and distributed over 300 individual sized hand sanitizers in just one day during the first days of the pandemic.

MurLarkey’s swift response to their “call to duty” has morphed into a much larger commitment for commercial distribution of sanitizer for first responders, but they strive to continue distribution of these personal amounts to their “MurLarkey Army” family when and as supply permits. Future distribution days for individuals will be announced through the newsletter and social media. Follow them @murlarkey or register for their newsletter:

Weeks into the pandemic shutdown, MurLarkey’s hand sanitizer distribution continues for essential workers’ needs and provides bulk sanitizer supplies to the FBI, EMS, First Responders, Health Care Organizations, Hospitals, Fire/Rescue and other essential businesses in Prince William County and surrounding regions. Bulk availability: 200gl tote, 100gl tote, 55gl drum and 5gl bucket sizes. If your organization has a need of this size, submit inquiries with detailed contact information to:

The sanitizer production has enhanced the “community spirit” at MurLarkey and you can easily reload ANY of your favorite MurLarkey spirits! Order online for RAPID PICKUP! —> #princewilliamstrong, #thegoodstuff, #PrinceWilliamWorks.

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