As St. Patrick's Day approaches, there's no better way to celebrate the luck of the Irish than by raising a glass to the vibrant spirit of the Emerald Isle with a local touch, courtesy of the proudly Irish-American owners at MurLarkey Distilled Spirits.

If you've ever wondered how this acclaimed local distillery got its distinctive’re in luck! To honor their heritage (and have a little fun), co-founders Tom Murray and his cousins Jim and Mike Larkin combined their family names with that of their Irish-born grandparents, the Kellys.

(Murray + Larkin + Kelly) = MurLarkey was born.

Shenanigans and storytelling make for great marketing. When the Prince William County Economic Development & Tourism marketing team was working on a more serious video of MurLarkey's upcoming expansion to the Farm Brew LIVE campus, the opportunity to have a little fun presented itself.

And if you’ve never met Matty Dee, Prince William County’s resident know-it-all, well he's got more mischief than a leprechaun's jig. 

As we toast to St. Patrick's Day, let's celebrate the vibrant community and local businesses that make Prince William County a special place to make your mark.

Here’s to the spirited legacy of MurLarkey! Sláinte!

The character of Matty Dee is played by none other than Matthew Dufilho, PWCDEDT Video Production Manager, the talented director, editor, and producer of dozens of award-winning business videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more. 

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