This column originally appeared on PWCDED Executive Director Christina Winn’s LinkedIn profile

Our team connects business owners, creates quality places, and most importantly, reduces the tax burden on our residents. Yet as much as our success is measured in numbers, I believe our PWCDED team will make our mark by forging a lasting impact with our business community, ensuring a strong relationship that will serve Prince William County for decades to come. 

Every May, we celebrate Business Appreciation Month, and our theme this year is Make Your Mark, focusing on how our business community has demonstrated the grit, passion, and commitment to become a sought-after destination for entrepreneurs, corporations, and talented business leaders.   

We invite everyone in our community: our partners, our leadership, and most of all: every business owner, employee, and investor, to join us on Thursday, May 18 for the Make Your Mark Business Community Celebration from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Hylton Performing Arts Center.  

Making Prince William County stand out on crowded local, regional, and national stages during a world-changing pandemic has been tough, but we used this time to showcase all the reasons why Prince William County is a dynamic, thriving melting pot of ideas. By keeping the potential of place and the power of our community at the center of our conversations, we can make our mark together.

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