Spending your money at local businesses improves the local economy. Many small businesses are still just recovering from the economic hardships created during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they could use your support. Small Business Saturday is not just about supporting a business—you’re supporting your community, too.

Want to know who is offering Small Business Saturday sales in your neighborhood? Use the American Express mapping tool to zero in on your neighborhood businesses.

But here are some community shoutouts for businesses here in Prince William County who can use your support:

Not a baker?

Don’t get a soggy bottom over it. Allow the experts to create post-Thanksgiving treats for you.

Entertaining company over the holidays?

Take them to some of our local craft breweries.

Or maybe a winery is more your speed?

We have those too!

Get your hair looking its best during the holidays.

Visit your local salon or barber shop.

Grooming is not limited to humans.

Keep your pets looking their best at these pet groomers or give them an extra walk or two.

Looking for anything but turkey to eat after Thanksgiving?

Check out one of our many fabulous eateries. Here are a few you might not know yet.

Is your home in disarray after that big Thanksgiving dinner?

One quick call to a local house cleaner, and you will be ready to entertain through the rest of the holiday season.

Did you go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving?

If so, you might need to get your car washed. Gift certificates for a car wash also make a great gift. 

Need to bring a hostess gift to an upcoming party?

Or what about a “thank you” to the individual who provided Thanksgiving dinner? Why not let some of the excellent floral designers in our area create something beautiful for you?

Say thanks with a potted plant.

Visit your local nursery and pick up a gorgeous locally-grown poinsettia—or have it delivered.

Last but not least—don’t stop buying after Small Business Saturday! Make this list of things to do on Small Business Saturday come alive 365 days of the year. When it’s time to make a purchase, shop your local area first. Shop small online whenever you can. And "dine small" at local restaurants and eateries, too, throughout the year.

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