On January 10, a group of Prince William County business owners attended a certification meeting to become part of the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program. The V3 program is a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative aimed at promoting the hiring and retention of veterans in the workforce.

Held at the Prince William County Department of Economic Development (PWCDED) office, the meeting featured V3 Regional Program Manager Michael Glascock, who discussed the importance of veterans in the workforce and the benefits of hiring them, including their strong work ethic, leadership skills, and technical expertise.

V3 Event Jan 10 2023

The lunch event covered topics such as understanding the military experience, creating a veteran-friendly workplace, and utilizing resources for veteran recruitment. Participants also had the opportunity to network with other business owners and learn about best practices for hiring and retaining veterans.

Overall, the goal of the V3 program is to support veterans in finding meaningful employment and to benefit businesses by providing them with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

For talent recruitment events and workforce opportunities this year, stay tuned to the PWCDED Events Calendar


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