Since accepting her IGNITE Startup Grant in 2021, Viva Vita’s Founder and CEO Carleigh Berryman has worked to expand the customer base for her virtual reality (VR) experience company. Viva Vita’s platform leverages VR to open worlds and empower the lives of over 10,000 seniors nationwide.

In May, Viva Vita announced that they joined forces with Waya Health to streamline VR technology integration for healthcare providers. This collaboration helps patients, including residents in senior living communities, gain access to advanced VR experiences that can reinvigorate their daily healthcare journey.

In addition, the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation, announced that the company had been awarded a $75,000 Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) grant. The CCF grant will support the development of the second generation of Viva Vita’s all-in-one VR Kit, enabling the company to reach more seniors with crucial and in-demand accessibility and online features.

“By seamlessly integrating VR solutions across health systems, senior living brands, and rehabilitation systems, Viva Vita and Waya Health aspire to drive industry-wide transformation,” said Berryman. “Our team is driven to improve the mental wellness and quality of life for older adults everywhere. Viva Vita’s collaboration and our recent CCF grant will not only allow us to broaden our reach, but it will bring us one step closer to achieving that goal.”

Located at the Virginia Serious Gaming Institute (VSGI) on the campus of George Mason University Science and Technology campus in Manassas, Viva Vita continues to study how the use of VR technology can decrease older adults’ perceived levels of hopelessness and increase their occupational satisfaction levels.

“Viva Vita is a great example of how our entrepreneurial ecosystem in Prince William County encourages innovators and inventors who are pushing the boundaries of established industries,” said Christina Winn, executive director, PWCDED. “We are thrilled to see how Viva Vita’s leadership has grown their team, their space and their funding to new levels.” 

IGNITE Startup Grants are offered to high-growth companies who are already located here or are looking to locate in Prince William County. Grants are offered at the 25K, 50K, and 100K levels depending on the applicant’s qualifications. Learn more at!


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